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2 Pack Zinc Phosphate Primer

PolyUrethane Zinc Phosphate primer is a two pack PolyUrethane medium loaded adequately with inhibitive pigments and additives. PU primer is compatible with almost all types of finishing coats exhibiting outstanding properties.

2 Pack Zinc Silicate
  • High zinc content, heavy duty primer, offering excellent corrosion protection in highly aggressive environments.
  • Based on unsaponifiable resins with excellent solvent resistance and hence recommended as a tank coating.
  • Excellent water resistance.
  • Can withstand substrate temperatures ranging from -90° C to + 600° C.
  • Good resistance to saline and marine atmosphere.
  • Not suitable for immersion in alkaline (PH>9) or acidic (PH<5) liquids without suitable top coats.
Epoxy Coal Tar

Especially recommended for protection of mild steel / RCC substrates subjected to continuous water immersion or exposed to marine environment or sub soil conditions. Ideal coatings for protection of Crest gates, Sluice gates, Penstocks, Tubular piles, under water structures and pipelines carrying non potable water. Also, extensively used in irrigation, Thermal Hydel projects, port and offshore installations, shipyards, bridges, etc. Product also has moderate chemical resistance and can be used for protection of conveyors, structural steel etc in fertilizer and other chemical processing units.

Primer Surfacer

This is a high performance, high build primer suitable for all types of environments. This is a two component PU coating and has an excellent resistance to acidic and alkaline environments, petroleum oils and solvents splashed and spills and fresh salt water immersion.

Fields of application: Pipelines, storage tanks, offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, refineries, heavy equipments and machinery.

Encapsulation Polyurethanes

We have developed Polyurethane Coating systems for various applications. One of such important application is to prevent leaching of asbestos fibers from asbestos roofing sheets. Leaching of fibers in to atmosphere is hazardous. With our encapsulation systems, the asbestos sheet is encapsulated totally with polyurethane system, by which, no leaching is possible. Thus, the asbestos roofing sheet becomes totally safe in terms of environment.

Polyurethanes are known for their encapsulation properties and are widely used for making safe asbestos. This fills micro pores and prevents objectionable gas emissions and leaching. System offered by Solvosol exhibits good UV resistance and reflects heat & light there by improving comfort level for living in asbestos roofing.

System offered comprises of cleaning the surface, one coat of encapsulation moisture cured polyurethane clear, one coat of encapsulation PU primer, one coat of UV resistant encapsulation PU top coat of white shade.

Encapsulation is an accepted practice and is recommended by Asbestos Removal Contractors Association, UK (ARCA). The encapsulation materials suggested are elastomers which form films and penetrating encapsulates and both are typically made with isocyanates, the end products being urethanes. The publication of ARCA on “recommended guidelines for the encapsulation of asbestos containing materials No.10, dated January 2006” clearly identifies that asbestos can be encapsulated to prevent the release of fibers under conditions of vibrations, impact and age degradation and urethanes can be used as encapsulants.

Waste disposal of asbestos containing materials require elaborate procedures, lot of precautions and identified sites. Therefore, encapsulation polyurethanes are suggested for asbestos containing materials.

Coatings for Steel Strappings
Polyurethane Coatings
Apus Reacted Urethanes (ARU)
Polyurethane adhesives (glue)
Polyurethane rigid foam (PUF)
Isocyanate & Isocynurate foams
Water based PU wood lacquers
Coatings for Telecom Towers
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