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Solvosol Paints Pvt Ltd is engaged in manufacture, supply and apply of variety of surface coatings, Polyurethane coating systems to use on continuous production lines or otherwise. Solvosol manufactures specialty paints, particularly Polyurethane based high corrosion resistant and high performing coating systems. Polyurethane technology is young compared to other coating systems such as Enamels, Acrylics and Epoxies. The Company has done tremendous work in R&D and developed many unique products, including import substitute strap coil coating paints etc. The Company is identified with tremendous growth prospects in terms of technology, products and ongoing R&D.

Solvosol has put in relentless efforts in Research and Development of Polyurethanes coatings, by virtue of which, the company has developed and established several import substitute products such as Apus Reacted Urethanes (ARU), water based polyurethane paints, Polyurethane adhesives, steel coil coatings, rigid foams for sandwich panels, leather coatings, wood lacquers etc. In Apus Reacted Urethane, the word "Apus" is derived from Sanskrit, which means "water or moisture". Apus Reacted Urethane coatings, basically reacts with the moisture available on the substrate. ARUs have a pre polymer with a little of pre NCO. The NCO reacts with moisture.

The strength of Solvosol is the ability to innovate and provide tailor-made and turn key solutions for any requirement in surface coatings and construction industry.

At present, the manufacturing facility caters to a production capacity of 12 Lakh Liters per annum of Paints products and further plan to grow multifold in coming years.

Out of the work the company has done so far, and out of own findings, from various literatures available and out of the exposure gained from tours abroad regarding developments in polyurethanes, it is found that Apus Reacted Urethane systems out-perform the other systems by a huge margin.


Solvosol has specialized in coating systems, paint products, adhesives to use on customer’s process lines. Our products goes on to the customer’s finished product directly.


Solvosol is not just a paint supplier. We study, analyse and understand Customer’s requirements and develop tailor-made coating systems / products that best suits the customer's requirement.

We offer complete solutions to corrosion, erosion, ebrasion, adhesion etc problems and provide turnkey services i.e. supply, apply and maintain for agreed periods. We keep relentless efforts in Research & Development to find solutions to problems related to corrosion & erosion faced by industry focusing on environment, energy saving and long term economy. We make products of outstanding performance at commercially viable prices. We invent new technologies and products for outstanding performance which are globally competitive. We create high quality sustainable, high growth organization in the area of industrial process line coatings.


  • To give what is best suited for customer's needs
  • To exceed customer’s satisfaction
  • To provide value addition to customer
  • To reduce costs at customer end
  • To innovate competitive new technologies, systems, pass benefit to customer

Mr. K Venkateswarlu – Managing Director

A Post Graduate from IIT, Kharagpur. Graduated in Chemical Engineering from Andhra University and Post Graduated from IIT, Kharagpur in Petroleum Refinery Engineering and Petrochemicals. Worked with Paints Division of ICI for 12 years, worked with Nagarjuna Steels and Nagarjuna Coated Tubes ( flow-coat tubes) for 10 years, last held position was General Manager Exports and was associated with Tata Exports too, as consultant. Since 1993, positioned as MD of Solvosol Paints. Trained in USA and Malaysia on Polyurethane and Acrylic Coatings. Traveled abroad extensively and all along associated with Corrosion Protection through surface coatings. A major part of 35 years industrial experience is devoted to special coatings like Polyurethanes, Epoxies and Acrylics.


Dr.Y P Saradhy

Chemical Engineer from Andhra university, Doctorate in “drop formation in non newtonian fluids”, from Indian Institute of Sciences, Bangalore. He has vast experience of above 31 years as industrial consultant. Worked on solid waste management and eco-friendly products. He has to his credit, 16 publications in national and international journals. He is advisor to Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, and has empanelment in AP Technological development center, Institute of Engineers, State Bank of India and so on. He closely monitors all technical and operational functions of Solvosol.

Mrs.K Bhramaramba

Graduate in Arts and Education, she is promoter director of Solvosol. Commands expert knowledge due to indepth study of technical literature over long years and by virtue of practical experience in formulating and manufacturing various types of specialty paints. Takes care of total quality assurance and manufacturing operations.

Mr. K R C Murthy

Post Graduate in Organic Chemistry, as a director of the company, he has acumen in identifying niche markets and applications, aggressive in innovations and new formulations. Also takes care of key customers.

Mrs.Syamala Padma Priya

Graduate in Civil Engineering and MS. She is NRI Director of Solvosol since 1993. Resident of USA, associated with all technical matters of the company, coordinates overseas businesses.

Mr. G P Mallikarjunudu

Graduate in Commerce, had rich work experience of above 25 years, including with MNCs, in the areas of planning, procurement, import, export and commercial operations. Looks after operations, commercial, marketing and projects.

Coatings for Steel Strappings
Polyurethane Coatings
Apus Reacted Urethanes (ARU)
Polyurethane adhesives (glue)
Polyurethane rigid foam (PUF)
Isocyanate & Isocynurate foams
Water based PU wood lacquers
Coatings for Telecom Towers
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