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Coatings for Steel Strappings

We have specialized in Paints / Coating systems to apply on steel strappings (packaging strap). Earlier, these paints were imported, ever since we have developed and established these products, imports have been substituted. Most of the leading manufacturers of steel strappings in India are using our strapping paints.

We have developed solvent based as well as water based paints for steel strapping lines. Water based modified acrylics are the best suited for strapping. However, we manufacture Polyurethane as well as Acrylic based strapping paints.

Speeds of production lines have been increased tremendously, almost doubled, due to fast curing nature of our strapping paints. They are excellent in other properties too, such as gloss, scratch resistance, adhesion and corrosion resistance etc.

WAX FOR STEEL STRAPPINGS: Our strapping wax compliments our strapping paints by imparting excellent slippage properties to steel strap. After completion of painting process on steel strap, it undergoes wax coating to facilitate smooth movement of strapping tools while tensioning the steel strap. We have developed and established excellent quality of strapping wax for this purpose.

Water based Polyurethane coatings

Eco friendly water based systems with universal acceptability. They have wide range of applications: Interiors, Exteriors, Industrial, Decorative, Clean rooms, Leather coatings and wood lacquers etc.

Polyurethane adhesives (glue)

We have specially developed and established Polyurethane adhesives for sandwich paneling used in clean rooms and similar applications. Glues are used in jointing / sticking two dis-similar materials such as thermo coal to metal sheet; rigid foam pads to steel/aluminum sheet etc. The adhesives are of thermo setting as well as air dry. Glues are having not only extraordinary adhesion strength, but also, they are ecofriendly.

Polyurethane rigid foam (PUF) and Isocyanate & Isocynurate foams

Polyurethane rigid foam commonly known as ‘PUF’ has been well recognized for thermal insulation, especially for cold insulation. Owing to the versatile nature of this material, its application has expanded to many other fields like substituting wood, certain structural uses and sandwich panels etc. Light and medium density foams are used for packaging, refrigerator insulation, sandwich panels and so on. Since all the raw materials are liquids during processing stage, the final product can be made in any shape, size, and thickness by adopting spray, pour-in-place and in-situ foaming techniques.

PUF can be made flame proof by poly isocyanurate foam (PIR). Due to their mouldability at ambient conditions, excellent cold insulation properties, adequate structural strength, good dimensional stability and compatibility with liquid propellants, foams are ideal materials for use as liquid stage jettisonable thermal insulation pads, as well for sandwich paneling. We have developed and established Polyurethane Rigid Foams for various applications, both, Isocyanate & Isocynurate.

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Coatings for Steel Strappings
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Polyurethane rigid foam (PUF)
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