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At Solvosol, we study, analyse and understand Customerís requirements and develop tailor-made coating systems / products that best suits the customer's requirement.

We offer complete solutions to corrosion, erosion, ebrasion, adhesion etc problems and provide turnkey services i.e. supply, apply and maintain for agreed periods. We keep relentless efforts in Research & Development to find solutions to problems related to corrosion & erosion faced by industry focusing on environment, energy saving and long term economy. We make products of outstanding performance at commercially viable prices. We invent new technologies and products for outstanding performance which are globally competitive.

We offer total service i.e. supply, apply and maintenance for agreed periods. Since we make our own Polyols and adducts of Isocyanates, we make formulations based on end-use application and customersí requirements.

Coatings for Steel Strappings
Polyurethane Coatings
Apus Reacted Urethanes (ARU)
Polyurethane adhesives (glue)
Polyurethane rigid foam (PUF)
Isocyanate & Isocynurate foams
Water based PU wood lacquers
Coatings for Telecom Towers
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