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This is a state of the art technology, and not available in India till we introduced. This is ideal for atmospheres where relative humidity is beyond 80%. Normally, other coatings tend to fail in such high humid conditions, where as, our coatings are proved to be very successful. No sand blasting is required for applying AR Urethanes on steel surfaces.

Special Features of AR Urethanes:
  • High strength with matching elongation

  • Extremely hard, but flexible

  • No substrate attack

  • Exclusive formulations for PH above 7 and below 7

  • Very low permeability to air and moisture

  • Excellent resistance to marine atmosphere and sea water in alternate wet and dry conditions

  • Very high adhesive strength and scratch resistance

  • Faster turn-around time

  • Life spanning 3 to 5 years and 5 to 7 years depending on the end-use

  • Operational convenience in difficult working conditions such as narrow space

AR Urethanes fall in line with standards of ASTM Type II, single pack classification. These are NCO-terminated prepolymers with the NCO content ranging 2% to 15%. Normally, these are low solids coatings, with solids in the range of 40% to 60%.

The chemistry of the AR Urethanes involves the reaction of the diisocyanate with the hydrogen donors, leaving a slight excess of NCO available to form substituted or disubstituted ureas and biuret groups. These products are in use for almost 25 years. These coatings are most useful in any application calling for an extreme resistance to abrasion, for areas that require good elongation to withstand expansion and contraction of a substrate and for many chemical environments. Perhaps the major advantage of the AR Urethanes is that they are one component material, ready to use as it is removed from the container. No mixing, measuring, weighing or additives are necessary.

The high relative humidity, presence of mono layer of moisture are two of the major problems associated with painting on marine installations. Most significantly these problems turn out to be assets for AR systems as they require a minimum relative humidity of 45% and up to 80% they perform exceptionally well.

A study on comparison among Epoxy, Two Pack conventional urethanes and AR Urethanes suggests that AR Urethanes are having outstanding properties over epoxies and conventional two pack polyurethane systems.

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