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Products - Polyurethane (Aliphatic) Finish Paint
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This is an Aliphatic hi-build two component Polyurethane coating developed specially for prevention of corrosion of MS tanks, pipelines and other structures exposed to the sun. This coating avoids both abrasion resistance and corrosion from constant contact with water, mild alkalies, acids and petroleum products. This coating also exhibits high gloss retention under severe climatic conditions. The paint film has excellent flexibility in addition to the inherent Anti-static property which is an added advantage.

Composition : Two component system consisting of A and B.
Based on IPDI adduct or HDI adduct reacted With Acrylic or Isopthalic based Polyester Polyols.
Colour : As specified by the customer
Flash point :

> 23° C

Volume solids : 40+2%
Mixing ratio : A : B BY VOLUME 4:1
Pot life : > 90 minutes
Drying time :

Hard dry - 1 hour. Tack dry-4 hours.

Coverage :

7—8 sq.mtr/ Itr/coat

Dry film thickness : 30 microns / coat
Hardness : > 3500 grams
Elongation : 150%
Tensile strength : 125kg
U V Protection on exposure to sun    :

No effect. Loss of gloss is margina

% PU resin content : 35%
Permeability factor :

0.003 gm/hr/sq.mtr/01 mil

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