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Products - Apus Reacted Polyurethane Clear
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Composition : This is a proprietary item manufactured for the first time in the country with approximate Urethane content of 15% which will react with surface moisture and condensation.
Product : Apus Reacted Polyurethane Clear.
Type :

Single pack

Appearance : Transparent with slight brown tinge
Drying time    
   • Surface dry : one hour
   • Hard dry :

8 hours

Specific gravity :

0.9 kg

   • Theoretical coverage : 10-12 sq.mtr/ltr/coat
Dry film thickness : 20 microns/coat
Volume solids : 20%
Storage life    
   • Shelf life : Twelve months in original sealed container
   • Pot life : not applicable
Package : 20 ltr units
Finish : Glossy
Application :

By Brush

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