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Products - Apus Reacted Urethane Coal Tar
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  • Typical urethane flexibility and abrasion resistance enhanced by micaceous iron oxide
  • Single component, Apus Reacted urethane blended with Coal Tar of, specific distillation range and Micaceous Iron Oxide pigment.
  • Resistant to cathodic disbondment.
  • Can be immersed in one hour - means very short down times.
  • Urethane / Micaceous Iron Oxide top coat
  • Easily recoatable, easily repaired, will adhere to cured coal tar epoxy.
  • Colours : Black, Bronze, Silver
  • Any use where steel or concrete is immersed or exposed to splash zone, high humidity, sewage or buried environments.
  • Any use where coal tar epoxy has been used and a better finish is desired.
  • Any field repaint of the above- uses where cold, dampand / or high humidities limit the use of typical epoxy or urethane coatings.
Solids by volume : 61.0 + 2.0%
Weight / Ltr :

1.34 + 0.23 Kgs / Ltr

Pigment type : Micaceous   Iron Oxide
Flash Point :

Above 33° C

Theoretical coverage : 3 m 2 Ltr @       175 microns
Recommended Dry film thickness :

70 microns / coat

Temperature  resistance (Dry )  : 80° C continuous; 115° C  intermittent
Curing time @ 25° C : Touch 30 min; Handle - 24 hours; Recoat - 4 hours; Stack _ 48 hours
Recoatability :

Tack free (this is normally achieved in 4 hours)

Colour : Black, Bronze, Silver
Finish : Low Gloss
Shelf life   : 12 Months in an unopened original container
  • Single component - no catalyst & mixing errors.
  • Can be applied at low temperatures-to below freezing.
  • Superior to coal tar epoxy for heat resistance, chemical resistance, flexibility, weathering and resistance to cracking.
  • Out standing resistance to salt and fresh water in immersion or splash zone.
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