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  • Best possible weathering of Zinc type coatings when used as a stand along coating
  • Surface tolerant zinc primer
  • Single component, moisture cure Urethane
  • Zinc stays in solution once stirred
  • Extremely easy to apply and easy to recoat
  • Zinc and micaceous iron oxide ( M I O) filled primer
  • Very resistant to mud cracking
  • Colour: Greenish Grey
  • Recommended for immersion applications when top coated
  • Meets United States Department of Agriculture requirements for incidental food contact
  • Designed for use on blast cleaned or power tool cleaned surfaces.
  • High performance zinc - filled primer or single protective coating in any use on steel where resistance to rust or corrosion undercutting is required.
  • Proven performance as primer in long life, high durability urethane systems for tanks, chemical and marine structures and bridges.
  • Ideal for priming water assisted abrasive blasted surface where flash rusting or blooming limit use of Zinc-rich coating.
  • Compatible with PUR Quik TM Accelerator System.
Solids by volume :

61 + 2 %

Weight / Ltr :

2.166 + 0.27 Kg / Lt

Pigment type :

Zinc and Micaceous iron oxide ( MIO)

Flash Point :

Above 40° C

Theoretical coverage : 7 m2 Ltr /Coat at 75 microns.
Recommended Dry film thickness :

75-100 microns DFT.

Temperature  resistance (Dry )  : 150° C continuous 175° C intermittent.
Curing time @ 25° C :

Touch -20 min; Handle - 8 hr; Recoat - 4 hrs; Stack - 12 hrs.

Recoatability :

Tack free achieved normally in 4 hours.

Colour :


Finish :


Shelf life   :

I2 Months from date of shipment in Unopened original container

  • Single component
  • Outstanding corrosion resistance
  • Very surface tolerant
  • Can be applied in cold, damp conditions at humidities to 99%
  • Can be applied at low temperatures - to below freezing
  • Typical Urethane abrasion resistance and all round performance in harsh environments.
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